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Aircraft survive the darndest things

There is little doubt aircraft are designed to survive the inconceivable, see the QF32 A380 incident and the DHL A300 at Baghdad, and an accident that has emerged from Syria reinforces that. This Syrian Arab Airlines A320 YK-AKF was operating from Damascus to Latakia, when a military helicopter clipped and sheered off the upper half […]


Airbus’ future of flight

For an industry so focused on innovation and efficiency, commercial aviation is seemingly on an eternally long, straight taxiway to deliver the next great fuel saving. Important in an industry facing extreme operational pressures, but what comes next? Airbus’ 2050 Concept Aircraft and Smart Skies are more than just a funky conceptualisation, Airbus sees them […]


“A momentous day in aviation”

This is the label Tim Clark gave to today’s announcement of the partnership between Qantas and Emirates. For Emirates, it is merely an endorsement that its strategy and positioning has worked. For Qantas, the agreement represents a considerable strategic shift, forcing the airline to finally acknowledge many of the operational issues that should have been […]

Will Qantas and Emirates partner with Air Pacific or will Etihad and Virgin Australia move in?

Is Emirates or Etihad one step closer to the Pacific?

The ambitions of Emirates and Etihad were given a boost this week, with Fiji and the UAE signing their first bilateral air service agreement. Apparently, Emirates had requested an open skies agreement, but the Fijian government declined reasoning that they want the national carrier Air Pacific/Fiji Airways to first become ‘stronger’. The Fijian government is […]