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Image: NASA


The intense heat and plasma trail created as the Soyuz descent module re-enters the earths atmosphere at more than 27,000km/h. The awesome picture was captured from the International Space Station roughly 350km about the earth, almost 230km above the point of re-entry. The Russian built capsule is based on a 1960s design, it takes 3:23 […]

British Asia Airways. Image: Daryl Chapman

British Airways: “Down under’s not over”

There’s a great modernity about British Airways’ simple but stylish Australian newspaper advertisement. Taking a subtle, cheeky swipe at Qantas following the ending of the Joint-Service Agreement in favour of Emirates, British Airways is keeping calm and carrying on. BA will upgrade all its Australian services to new B777-300ER aircraft from March 30, 2012. Timed […]

Australia’s obsession with engaging Asia: Can aviation play a role?

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post, and to kick things off again I thought I’d take a look at Australia’s renewed obsession with Asia, triggered by the Australian Government’s recently released Asian White Paper. I went to a fascinating forum last week on Australia’s Engagement in Asia through Future Foreign Policy. Hosted by […]