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What’s next for the 787?

The media loves fire on an aircraft. Fire scares people. Scaring sells news. Unfortunately, this comes to the detriment of Boeing and the 787 programme, which have faced intense scrutiny by media over a range of minor to hazardous issues, that question the safety of the aircraft. The Boeing 787-8 suffered a series of incidents […]

Airline Statements on suspension of 787 ops

Qatar Airways has now issued the following statement on suspension of 787 services: In compliance with the recommendation of the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States (FAA) and in coordination with the Chilean Aeronautical Authority (DGAC), LAN announces that it will temporarily suspend the operation of its three Boeing 787 aircraft. Flights that were […]

FAA issues Airworthiness Directive Ground Boeing 787

The following is the FAA’s initial statement on its order for operators to temporarily cease Boeing 787 operations. We will develop this story as the day goes on: “As a result of an in-flight, Boeing 787 battery incident earlier today in Japan, the FAA will issue an emergency airworthiness directive (AD) to address a potential […]

In orbit on Endeavour.

Happy New Year from the team at Carry-On! After a few weeks off we’re back, and our carry-on is packed with a new round of exciting stories and features planned for 2013. We’ll start you off with some pictures of Space Shuttle Endeavour from Carry-On’s visit to the California Science Centre in late 2012.