The miracle and wonder of flight, which has inspired poets, philosophers and madmen, has dwindled into a workaday procedure that we anticipate with the same enthusiasm we feel when we visit the dentist.” JG Ballard

Carry-on is an independent blog, that aims to provide insightful commentary, looking for the wonder that still exists in the commercial aviation and airline industry. With a focus on Australia and the Asia-Pacific, at Carry-on we throw away the excess baggage to:

  1. Inform as well as be informed by others of developments in the industry;
  2. Present developed perspectives as an alternative to current commentary; and
  3. Develop strategic concepts, ideas and practices for the airline industry.

Edited and created by Jeremy William.

Flying is all about balance. To explore a topic in an unbalanced way would throw off the centre of gravity, and Carry-on would end up like this guy, so I endeavour to make to make every post as balanced as possible. Also, opinions presented here are those of the post contributor alone and do not represent the views of any employer.


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