Airbus A350-900 MSN1 has successfully conducted a maximum energy rejected takeoff test at Istres, the final major test of the A350 certification programme.

The test follows earlier high energy rejected takeoff testing conducted during May, and tests the case for the aircraft to safely stop after a rejection in a high speed, maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) situation with limited braking capability.

The aircraft is fitted with worn set of carbon brakes that must absorb the full kinetic energy of the aircraft. Certification criteria requires the aircraft to remain still, without fire fighting intervention for five minutes. Airbus says MSN1’s brakes reached a temperature of 1,400C as a result of the energy absorbed.

Maximum energy rejected takeoff testing is left to the end of any aircraft test campaign due to the high risk of damage to the aircraft.

After 540 test flights and 2,250 flight test hours, route proving flights – including a Sydney stop on August 4 – are now the last hurdle of the campaign before the aircraft is certified.