I originally set up this blog as an outlet for my fascination with the industry, and as an extension for some of the work I was completing in my Master degree in Air Transport Management. One quickly discovers that there is a wealth of freely available information on the industry. For those willing to put in the time, the list of potential topics can quickly become overwhelming.

Just over six months ago I landed a commercial role with an incredible airline, and in between work, study and writing my thesis I lost focus. I also questioned my ability to maintain objectivity in my writing. This blog was created with the goal to inform, present and develop news and ideas across the commercial aviation industry. Avoiding the divisive, unintelligible, unobjective commentary that so often makes headlines. Working at an airline I felt I suddenly lost this objectivity, and sidestepped the edges of stories for fear of losing a detached and equitable position. The opportunity to write for Australian Aviation proved otherwise.

Events in August have reignited my inspiration: CAPA’s Asia-Pacific Aviation Summit, the DoJ rulings on the AA/US merger, and airline earnings season in Australia among others. And perhaps, just perhaps, Bombardier’s CSeries will undertake its first flight in the closing days of the month.

Rather than remain quiescent, I’ve been invigorated by various readers, colleagues and #avgeeks who have rallied me to continue writing.¬†Above all this blog has been marvelous for my own personal and professional development. So this is a restart.

When the CSeries takes to the skies on its maiden sortie, pause and remember that 110 years later we’re still doing it again for the very first time. I leave you with this video by air-to-air photography specialists Wolfe Air, it’s pretty clear why I find this industry so incredible.