While doing some research for another story I came across perhaps the most incredible flight training manual I have ever read.

Produced by the US Navy in 1945 ‘Flight thru Instruments’ teaches basic aeronautical knowledge and instrument flying techniques through the use of elaborate illustrations – drawn entirely by hand. The magnificent illustrations possess an accuracy and richness unseen in many design studios, let alone flying textbooks.

Created in response to a US Government tender during the war, Harley Earl led a team General Motors ‘Graphic Engineering’ staff to create the instructional illustration book. Earl worked as a designer at GM between 1929 and 1959, rising to the postwar position of GM’s styling section. Throughout his career Earl drew inspiration from aeroplane aesthetics to introduce into the styling of cars for which he would become known as the ‘father of the tailfin’.

Some further digging and I found a full version; do yourself a favour this Sunday afternoon and revisit the basics of flight.