Debating the merits of certain aircraft liveries as much as anyone, I have always believed they are not particularly important to the success of an airline, and have yet to find a customer who based their purchase decision on the exterior design of the airplane.

–¬†Doug Parker,¬†American Airlines CEO


Now, merger complete, employees of the world’s biggest airline are being asked to vote on which livery best represents the future American. Amid ongoing controversy over AA’s bold livery change in 2012, and with more than 200 aircraft already painted, employees have been presented with the two most cost-effective livery options for repainting AA’s remaining fleet and the 620 or so aircraft in the US Airways fleet.

Whatever the outcome of the vote, American will keep all the existing heritage liveries adding one for US Airways, and also TWA.

Do you prefer the bold, distinctive flag and flight symbol, or a return to the old AA eagle, a representation harking back to AA’s proud past?

Full statement by American CEO Doug Parker here