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CSeries First Flight. Image: Bombardier Aerospace

Up, up and away! CSeries is Airborne!

Update 17 September

CS100 FTV1 silently touched down at 1623 GMT successfully completing the two and a half hour maiden flight. During the sortie FTV1 reached a height of 12,000 ft and a maximum airspeed of 230 knots.

The flight crew undertook testing including flap and landing gear retractions and extensions, simulated landings, and general validation of the flight control system. Continue reading “Up, up and away! CSeries is Airborne!” »

FTV1 lifts its nose of the runway for the first time. Image: Bombardier Aerospace.

Bombardier CSeries ready for first flight

Today’s forecast in Montreal: Unseasonably cool and rainy with a chance of first flight. The long awaited first flight of Bombardier’s #CSeries #CS100 is now tantalisingly close. Flight Test Vehicle 1 (FTV1) first flight window opens at GMT13:30 from Montreal’s Mirabel Airport.

Yesterday, FTV1’s nosed gear lifted off the runway for the first time while undertaking high speed taxi tests in preparation for first flight. High speed taxi testing has been ongoing over the last week, with FTV1 accelerated to its V1 ‘decision speed’ of 124 knots (230 kph). Watch the high speed taxi test video below carefully. You’ll see the aircraft make some interesting movements as it the crew test flight control inputs and braking systems.

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Bombardier CS100 FTV-1

You say goodbye, I say hello

Commercial aviation is pushing into a new frontier. Some are calling this an industry super-cycle; the civil aerospace industry is developing (A320NEO, 737MAX and G2 Embraer E-Jet family), assembling (787-9), ramping-up (787-8), rolling out (A350 and CSeries), and rolling over (727s and 747s) an unprecedented number of aircraft types. Preparing to Fly: Airbus A350, Friday 14 […]